so the drama continues.

still no call back from api!

its been 2 weeks since i initially contacted them about the situation, followed up a week ago.

still no response.

they still have my fender liners, engine bay liner, stock muffler, destroyed my inner trunk reinforcement so i was forced to gut my trunk.

my sub wiring was destroyed by them, so i decided to just sell my subs.

my bumpers were delayed at ait for another 7 weeks, which is in a way a blessing due to my economic situation of not being able to afford the repaint.

i do have some suprises though for this years show season when i unveil my car.

it will not be your average sentra.

i am currently working 3 jobs and going to school full time, so i am unable to update this blog as much as i would like.

as soon as i get my time and finances straightened up, i hope to make updates daily.

btw, hit up http://www.rallyinnovations.com

if you want to order anything be sure to check out http://www.m1autosport.com ask to speak to rene a.k.a. mr purple evo.

till next time…

— the rake.

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February 2009

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