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some body stuff

ok keep in mind these pics were taken when these bumpers still had only primer on them…

these are not the finished products.

and yes, that thing on the trunk lid, is one off, and for sema only. 🙂


close up of the manifold


the engine bay preview.


more pics to come.


here are some more updates :)

just a couple more teasers.

try and find whats different.

i am not putting up high resolution photos because i do not want any of the design stolen.


finally! some pictures.

i will slowly update this build day by day till completion on november 1st!

should be one hell of a ride!

sema in one week.



the seat, harness, exhaust, and everything else is in.

only thing left is the body kit which will be picked up tomorrow.

i will post up some pics tomorrow.


the story

You know when I first took up this build, I never thought of what would happen up to this point, lets wrap up the story in a nut shell (my full story is MUCH longer).

Here is a little background of what I am about to explain. I have always been into cars, always. Its some sick addiction I have had. I have never been into drugs or anything of that nature. To be honest I have grown up around the die hard camaro and mustang freaks, the stretched tire euro crowd, and last but not least, the uprising jdm crowd. Fuck it… I love ’em all!

All my life through the shit I have been through, or the days I was on cloud nine, I have always thought about owning a car that is truly “mine.” A car that no one else had, a car that when someone say that would say… there goes Robert.

I remember picking up my first car, a Laguna Seca Blue 1993 T Top Mr2 Turbo. The car was amazing, rebuilt engine had 45k miles on it, turbo was rebuilt, and had a 3 inch catless custom turbo back exhaust. I remember the first day I sat in the car with the tom’s body kit and enkei wheels. It was a work of art. Sadly my parents at the time would not let me keep it, I was crushed. But I realized sooner or later, this was not the car for me. I was not even the one who modded it!

After that whole incident I picked up a 2007 sentra 2.0s in silver, it was a great car and I never once had a problem with it. It was far from fast but I figured this was a great reliable daily driver for me to use while I saved up cash for my real project. Sadly this was not so… I remember heading to court to handle a speeding ticket I received. I was making a left hand turn and some guy ran a stop sign at 50mph and smack right into my drivers side door. the impact was so bad it spun my car twice and i hit the curb. The car was TOTALLED.

After which I then purchased my friend Jesse’s e30. This thing was clean! rare euro parts and tastefully modded. Stretched tires, and the “panda” look made this car truly unique. Well one day I decided to do some spirited driving (I dont street race, but im sure enthusiasts know what I am talking about) Well the motor could not handle the stress that day and I blew the motor… I was so crushed. I seemed to have the worst luck with cars, but that did not stop me!

I went to the Nissan dealership again because they heard of my crash and offered me a deal I could not refuse on a new version of the car called the SE-R Spec V. To be honest I did not know much about this car, in fact I questioned test driving it after hearing about it over the phone, I wanted RWD… not FWD. The first glance at the car, and When I sat in it… I fell in love. The red seat belts, the 6 speed gearbox, everything just screamed… BUY ME. I test drove the car and was extremely impressed. The car stock chirped 3rd gear and roared to 60mph in a little over 6 seconds. For under 20,000 dollars and being brand new, that is almost unheard of for a naturally aspirated 4 cylinder sedan.

I joined a forum called, where my username is also rakonismo. I learned of a company called “megan racing”. They were looking for a test car to test an exhaust, I always longed of customizing a car, and I quickly called up the number provided and talked to Cyrus. I ended up within a few days driving to get the exhaust. Keep in mind… at this time, there were NO PARTS available at all for this platform. The exhaust made night and day difference in top end, I could not believe how much the powerband shifted just from a cat back exhaust.

Afterwards I began to attend car shows and events, I was amazed by all of these show cars and how much work and money was spent to personalize a car. Too bad there was no aftermarket for my car yet, I had the only exhaust that was produced by a manufacturer in the world at the time for this car. After a month or so I got a call back from Cyrus, he wanted me to test the coilover suspension and test pipe for the car. The only coilover suspension in the world and test pipe for my model car was going on my car first! Talk about sickkkkkk.

I soon realized that this car deserved a true aftermarket, people at meets and gatherings gawked at how my car even had a different muffler on it. Then I got the jdm and euro itch… and this is where the story truely begins. Thats when I tracked down my first part, my gram light nismo 57f’s. The offset and width fit my car PERFECTLY FLUSH, im talking like maybe 1mm off if that. My whole car changed just by adding the wheels, it really really did.

I remember the day I rolled down to the Formula D Drift event in Long Beach. Hot… wayyy too hot, it was also moist from shoreline being so close. I put together a proposal for some companies and began to approach some at booths. I would have to say that out of every booth there, only 3 companies really gave a shit about what I had to say. They gave the the “your young” and “your car is not worth building” and just a bunch of other random hate and shit. Especially on the megan racing parts for not being true jdm or euro parts. That was the day I met Turbonetics, I showed them my design idea for a turbo kit, how the piping should be ran, the dimensions of everything, what size turbo, injectors, specifications of the stock motor. They seemed interested and I got the contact information for their company.

During this time I was working at a Law Office as a file clerk, I made fairly decent pay, nothing to brag about, but nothing to bitch about either. I saved and saved, cut back on everything and began to research everything about cars, how turbos worked, their efficiency, how motors were effected by forced induction. Well as you can tell I wanted a damn turbo kit!!!!

What really made this car take off was at the show called Spocom, I never thought about how this show would influence my build up until I went, but it was necessary to attend this show for any of what I was about to do. I remember the day I met Loren at Rotora. I told him about my car and how I wanted a new set of rotors for the car, he said that oh… Spec V… yes! we have them, give me an email monday, and he gave me his address. I emailed him my request and within 10 minutes I got a message back saying: “ROBERT, hi please call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx” I was confused at first as to why I would need to call up a brake company just to place an order, but whatever I did. I gave him a call during my break at work and he explained how there was no application yet for my car, he said he was extremely sorry for the misunderstanding, but he said he wanted to ask me something. He offered me a sponsorship if I allowed them to measure my car and prototype the big brake kit for them.
Well needless to say I accepted and the testing onslaught began.

One day at the now defunct arcadia pavilions 240 meet, I was approached by an obviously drunk man. His name was peter and he smelled of bud light and cigarettes. He went on and on how he loved my car and wanted to build a turbo kit for it. Most of my sentra buddies backed away and stared at me as to why I would talk to this guy. Needless to say I did, and I dropped my car off at the shop he worked at.

Over the next couple of weeks the turbonetics deal fell through, I heard of a man named Brian Fox and began to correspond with him about my build. Just a bunch of crazy random shit, and the owner of the shop I dropped my car off at tried to steal my car. It was just pure hell! I was also leaving for Germany soon for a trip and needed this thing situated for a build. Well Peter told me about a shop he knew called API Motoring, and I called up the shop. I spoke to a man named Gavin and I explained to him my project and my goal. The aftermarket how it was so untapped and there was nothing made for the car. Needless to say I convinced him to begin to prototyping parts for the car. While I was out of town, I learned that the car was pulled over during testing and received a state referee ticket… NOOO!!!!! wtf man I was pissed! The worst thing to ever happen to a tuner happened to me! How could I tell my family I could not pick up the car? I had no car to drive and my court date was not till October 1st. This was bad news… 6 weeks of not being able to drive my car!!!

I did not give up, in fact, I went full swing into this build. Then somehow Dave Hary up at S MAX Intercooler learned of my build. After a few conversations he agreed to sponsor the build under one condition, I appeard at his SEMA booth. HOLY SHIT!!! Can you believe that? My little sentra, my daily driver going to SEMA??? I never even thought of dreaming that I could have had such an honor. Gavin was so impressed at my talent for marketing the car that he even put me in charge of all of the marketing of his shop! I was now sponsored by SMAX Intercooler and SPA Turbo USA, real sponsors!

In the next 6 weeks I talked to literally all of the manufacturers of import performance parts known to mankind. So chances are high that if you are reading this and work for a performance company, then yes I called you once or twice. I was the file clerk by day and marketer by lunch break haha. It was awesome! I loved the acceptance and denial of the conversations from the different manufacturers. Convincing companies to make parts for an untouched platform and it felt great!!! I felt like I could truely turn this platform into a “click and add to cart” type car.

Lets just say after being locked in for SEMA the support rained in… It really really rained in. RC Engineering provided me fuel injectors, by the way thank you John! Shino over at LOT USA gave me a sick hook up on a genuine Bride Gradation Seat. Robert over at Magnaflow provided me with exhaust components and they need no introduction. John at AIT Racing took up the design of the body kit and really the prototype just looks show stopping and clean. Frank up at TWM Performance is making sure that make car shifts the way how it should and is providing me with a short shifter kit and shift knob, which by the way is amazing quality. Schroth Racing provided me with an amazing deal on the harness. Last but not least, Yokohama provided me with Advan Neovas, my dream tires, tires I could never imagine affording. Thank you Sam for putting in the good word!

As with every car, there is always a hater, someone that cant appreciate how things are in fact not always free, how you gotta work and earn your stuff. This story is not all happy and bouncy. Let me introduce a little of the bad side.

Ive lost friends, support from my family and almost my girlfriend. No one I know that is “close” to me supports the build of this car. I am deemed irresponsible, ungrateful and above all childish for ever doing this to a car. I perservered through all the hate I received from people at meets, my relatives and my debt. People ragging on me for not having all true jdm parts and that crap. You know I would if I had thousands of dollars to drop on a part AND if one of those companies actually made a damn part for my car.

This SEMA build is entirely self financed by me. No not mommy and daddy, no not any under the table gifts. nothing of that sort. I worked full time at a law office while attending Cal Poly Pomona for my Computer Science degree. I made sure ever dollar was accounted for and budgeted correctly. No cent was spent carelessly.

I lost my Law Office job about 3 weeks before SEMA, with my finances how they are it literally fucked me. I was lucky enough to receive a part time job at Circuit City which to me right now is a true gift. I cannot even explain to people how lucky I am for being hired with the way how the economy is. I have hit credit card limits, I have missed out on so much stuff to build this car, not to mention being 3 months without a vehicle to get around.

To be honest, I cannot explain this story in true detail in text. It does not have the same character as it does being told. At SEMA I will most likely be sleeping in the trailer the car is brought in. This build has not only humbled me, but showed me my true career path, marketing. I changed my major because of this build. I have met my TRUE friends. I have learned the way how true economics works and not the bullshit teachers and professors teach you in a class. Im talking about how many times you have to eat ramen in a week in order to pay your bills. How to budget your last check so that your cell phone wont get shut off and your credit wont go into the shitter. Seeing business’s fail before your very eyes due to the ever so fucked economy which we all now live in. How to act professional towards others even when they shit talk and yell at you and are the employee of a manufacturer.

This build has taught me what the automotive industry is good and bad, and I want to be in this industry for my career.

I hope to see you all at sema, and you can see what not only me, but API has poured our heart and soul into. This is infact what we hope to be our break, our journey into the automotive industry as one of the top players.

This is my path, my future, my true love.


Just another sema build…

well I got a story for you guys. Ill post it up soon.


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